They want what they want, but we know better!

They want what they want, but we know better!

Even though we want to give our kids everything they want it may not always be the best thing for them. Children may prefer to eat cookies for every meal but we know that it isn't good for them and because that we try to prepare healthy choices for them to choose from. I hear stories from parents sharing how they let their kids pick their own clothes because if they buy something they may not wear it.

I understand at a certain age kid begins to develop their own taste and fashion sense. What I feel is a big issue is when their kid's tastes and style are not appropriate. I don’t believe a child would always have the wisdom to know what are the ramifications of the choices they make or that are presented to them.

We as parents want our children to be happy and to express themselves but we have to play a big role in guiding them. Even with something as simple as the clothing we put on our kids' matters (especially girls) so we have to be conscious and make the call that our kids may not understand or know to make for themselves. We can’t be afraid to step up and say no to things that we feel aren't right for kids or to have discussions that may give them insight on certain decisions that we as parents make to keep them safe!

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