The Inspiration

Perfect Brown was inspired by a conversation I had with my daughter Malaya (age 7 at the time) concerning her skin tone. She had a class project where she was to create a self-portrait. While working on the project it was brought to her attention that there were different shades of black people and with her not really understanding the concept of skin tones she was confused and innocently asked me the question (after settling in on our drive home) “what color brown am I? I was taken back by the question and a little confused on what she was actually asking me. With me being aware of the types of struggles and issues connected with different skin tones such as how people are judged and treated because of it I had to take pause before I answered to figure out what and how much to say but then the answer came to me so I replied, “you are Perfect Brown, like me, like mommy and granny. Every brown person is perfect brown!

Malaya's innocent question along with my struggle as a father who does the clothes shopping for a little girl and not finding shirts (the staple of many outfits) that I felt represented who I knew my daughter to be helped to inspire me to create the Perfect Brown brand. The lack of characters, themes and catchy phrases that spoke directly to my daughter of color just added to my frustration. With all the choices that were available most of the time I felt that I really didn't have one. I could tell that most if not all the shirts I came across weren’t made with my daughter and girls who look like her in mind when they were created. So after years of avoiding and searching for the shirts, being frustrated and complaining about the lack of choices I decided to create my own! So I created Perfect Brown Apparel to not only speak to girls of color but to celebrate their beautiful diversity of brown tones! Perfect Brown clothing and products are created with my daughter and girls like her in mind! Love your Brown!