The Team

Jason (Owner/Designer)

Before I was known as the artist and all around cool guy, but these days I'm mainly known as Mr. Austin or Malaya's Dad (which I am happy to be and proud to serve!) I'm a father and visual artist from the Bay area (check out some of my art at I love movies, music, collecting (almost anything) and being a dad!   


Malaya Leigh (Inspiration/ My Future) 

9 years old and the inspiration of the Perfect Brown brand. She is brilliant, beautiful, caring and a kind soul. She enjoys singing, dancing, doing arts & crafts, playing the saxophone, gymnastics and making friends. She's the best kid a parent could ask for!      


Rebekah L.  (Little Big Sis/ Sounding Board/ Moral support/ Fixer) 

Tie crooked? Something in your nose? Rebekah will not only notice the problem, she will tell you about it and help you fix it! She is great at refining thoughts and visions while lending a practical ear. She has been my sounding board and voice of reason since the beginning, one of my biggest supporters! She lives down south running her own business while raising 3 amazing young men!  

Shout Outs! 

Nothing great is created alone. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to us and our journey so far!  A special thank you to LedaConstance, Mrs. Marilyn and Kimara Dixon! You have all contributed more ways than you could ever know!