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Whenever I would go shopping for my daughter, I would find it hard to discover t-shirts (the staple of most young girl’s outfits) that I felt were either age appropriate and or spoke to who I knew my daughter to be, which is a beautiful brown girl. When we saw a tee with images of children, they would never look like her and many would use words such as sassy and diva. What frustrated me, even more, was seeing that the products available in the stores we frequent didn’t represent or reflect our cultures. As parents of color shopping for their daughters, we should consider the spending power of black and brown people as a whole in regards to the development and expressive social output of our community.

It’s been a long time but a worthwhile journey in creating our first Perfect Brown T-shirt. My main concerns were having image(s) that not only looked good but also made a statement that spoke to black and brown girls. We aim for the images and themes on the shirts to be age appropriate and to speak the truth. By making sure the style of the tee is a girl’s cut (not just boxy boys tee) we ensure that girls and women feel good while wearing this soft tee. As a father, I felt that it would be not only cool but also special for my daughter and brown girls like her to have clothing that was not only inspired by but also created with them in mind. I want girls to feel beautiful in their Perfect Brown Apparel and even more so in their Perfect Brown skin!

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