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How long does it take for me to receive my order?

Our products are made to order and normally ship within (10-14 days) of when your order is placed. If there are any delays for any reason beyond the 10 days you will be notified by e-mail with an update.


Are Perfect Brown products only for black and brown girls?

No, it’s for whom ever likes, wants and or connect to the brand and what it stands for. Perfect Brown shirts and products are inspired by and created with girls and women of color in mind but we do encourage anyone who connects to what our brand stands for to feel free to purchase our products. Perfect Brown is the celebration of all the wonderful shades of black and brown girls and women! If you are still not sure if Perfect Brown is right for you we would like for you to take a look at out "Who are Perfect Brown tees made for?" questionnaire!   


What types of payments do you accept?

Perfect Brown Apparel accepts all major credit cards as well as debit cards directly through our site or via Paypal. Please note, this does NOT mean you have to have a Paypal account in order to purchase through Paypal. You will receive a payment receipt after your order is completed. If you have issues checking out please email Jason@iamperfectbrown.com and I may be able to help you figure out why your payment may not be processing. 


What sizes do your shirts come in?

Our sizes range from infants all the way to adults! Please note that our "Girl" size shirts are in a princess style cut and the adult shirts are unisex. You can find size guides and care instructions here!


What if I have an issue with my order? 

No problem, just contact us and we will do what we can to help resolve the issue! More info on this can be found here! 


Is Perfect Brown a family business?

It is actually a family business, we (my daughter and I) started the company here in the Bay area (Vallejo CA to be exact!) I always wanted to create a family business that both Malaya and I could work on together so I could teach her the basics of business. It means a lot to us to be able to have a say on the topics and themes of our products! 


Why did you start off the Perfect Brown line with just T-Shirts? 

I personally love wearing them and so does Malaya. I think that it’s cool that they are so popular now a days and it's cool how you can use them to really express your thoughts and personality. We are excited to say that we now have more products for you to celebrate your Perfect Brown, from hoodies to tote bags to mugs! We are looking forward to bringing you even more Perfect Brown related products in the near future!    


Where are the more boys and men themed shirts?

Feel free to visit and check out our brother T-Shirt company www.mysuperherotees.com! There you will find many cool Superheroes of color themed t-shirts and accessories! 


What is the Perfect Brown brand about? What are you trying to say with the shirts?

Perfect Brown is statement that all shades of Black and Brown skin are beautiful and should be celebrated! We are saying/feel that Black and Brown girls need to hear that they are beautiful just the shade they are! We are not saying that a t-shirt can fix people's issues with melanated skin and how folks feel about themselves but we do believe that this can be a start for some.


Was it hard starting a clothing line?

YES, from the ideas to the actual process of getting the shirts made. There are so many choices and moving pieces that has to be in just the right place and time in order to work. It took me over month to figure out just the right shirt to print on! The main things I wanted for the shirts were for them to be soft, a girl and women style cut, great quality that would make the shirts extra special and for them to speak to black and brown girls. 


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