About Us

Jay and Malaya
Jason & Malaya of I am Perfect Brown Apparel

The Inspiration

Perfect Brown was inspired by a conversation I had with my daughter Malaya (age 7 at the time) concerning the shade of her skin. She had a class assignment where she was to create a self-portrait. While working on the project it was brought to her attention that there were different shades of black people and with her not really understanding the concept of skin shades she was confused and innocently asked me the question “what color brown am I?

I was taken back by the question and a little confused on what she was actually asking me. I had to take pause before I answered to figure out what and how much to say but then the answer came to me so I replied, “you are Perfect Brown, like me, like mommy and granny. Every brown person is perfect brown!

Team Perfect Brown

Jason (Owner/Designer)

Before I was known as the artist guy and or Jason, but these days I'm mainly known as Malaya's Dad (which I am happy to be and proud to serve!) I'm a father and visual artist from the Bay area. I love movies, music, collecting (almost anything) and being a dad! Fatherhood is not an easy job but as long as we do the best for our kids we are winning!    

 Malaya Leigh (Owner/ Inspiration/ The Future)  

(Updated 7/19/2023) Malaya is now 16 years old and she's still kind and sweet as ever! Malaya has a love for performing with her high school Color Guard team, learning new languages as well as science. She is currently working on getting her driver's permit.  

10 years old and the inspiration behind the Perfect Brown brand. Malaya is the perfect combination of silly and sweet. She loves to be happy and wants the same for everyone. She is brilliant, beautiful, caring and a kind soul. Malaya enjoys making slime, singing, dancing, doing arts & crafts, playing the saxophone, gymnastics and making friends. She's the best kid/ side kick a parent could ask for (I learn from her everyday!)