Cuba votes two black women vice presidents, first for the country

Ines Maria Chapman and Beatrix Johnson

The Cuban government’s presidential handover from Raúl Castro to 57-year-old Miguel Diaz-Canel has been coined as a historic feat for the country. But so too is the appointment of two Afro-Cuban women to its powerful Council of State.

Ines Maria Chapman and Beatrix Johnson are two of three women newly appointed to the 31-member Council of State, the island’s highest executive body.

According to Reuters, Maria Chapman, 52, is of Afro-Cuban descent, and rose to prominence as head of Cuba’s leaky waterworks. Her work there focused on repairing infrastructure and supervising the allocation of water during a recent prolonged drought.

Johnson, 48, is also of Afro-Cuban descent and rose to prominence in eastern Santiago de Cuba where she climbed the ladder from director of a joint venture cement plant to head of the provincial government.



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