Jennifer DeCasper was, for a while, the only African American Chief of Staff

Wonder why everyone loved Olivia Pope from the tv show Scandal? It was because they saw an amazing black woman getting things done. 


That's why we love this woman. Not saying we are comparing her to Olivia Pope but most of us wouldn't care about White House politics before the show. 


Hey Perfect Brown Girl, Jennifer DeCasper!


When asked by Forbes contributor what motivates her she said this;

"Jennifer DeCasper: My daughter keeps me motivated. It’s not the money, power or status. If I’m meant to have those things, I’ll have them. But I might as well do my best to be a great mom while I’m on my way to whatever life has in store for me. My joy is found in her joy. She is my money, my power, and most certainly defines my status."


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