Perspective brought to you by Dove soap

Perspective brought to you by Dove soap

The entertainment that we love such as our favorite TV shows, music and movies can give us insight, perspective and can have a big effect us. Though highly entertaining media can also introduce our thoughts, perspectives, and beliefs that may not be to your benefit and may even be totally opposite to who you know yourself to be.


With such a large volume of media being thrown at us each day, it can be hard not to get caught up in the latest trends. Even the educated and strong-willed could have a hard time navigating through it, so for our children, it's really not a fair fight. Exposing our children to these things without supervision or guidance is irresponsible (the same as leaving them in the snow without the proper jacket) especially when they may not have a strong sense of self or the wisdom to process what’s coming at them.

I feel that the best defense for this is guidance, information and shared wisdom, which also goes towards building a strong sense of self! The world will attempt to push and sell them things at a cost that is much too high! So until our children (especially our girls) figure it out for themselves it’s our job as parents to guide them through the pitfalls and agendas in this world of media and entertainment.

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