The Story of the Blossom with Diamonde Williamson

The Story of the Blossom with Diamonde Williamson

Staring I am Perfect brown with my dad has forced me to notice if I am being represented in all forms of media. This movement has made me, my daddy and my friends better because we demand more now. I am reading more about girls and women that are working hard to make sure girls do not grow up without seeing girls like me on tv, in magazines and more. That's why I was so happy when I found the Blossom Network. I hope you can share it with the brown women and girls you know. 


Learn about how this brown girl is being perfect in her own way. I'm taking notes.

Sage North America
Published on 8 Jun 2017
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Hear about the awesome brand story of Blossom, an Atlanta media startup, from their head of projects, Diamonde Williamson.


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