Viola Davis Promises The Scandal/HTGAWM Crossover Will Be Straight Up "Black Girl Magic"

I love Mrs. Viola. She is so pretty to me. That is why she is our PBG of the day. Check out this adult review promising Black Girl Magic when she returns to our tv. I cant watch either show but I do get to see the cute outfits when my mom shows me.

For years, TGIT fans have been begging for a Scandal/How To Get Away With Murdercrossover, and earlier this month the oh-so-brilliant Shonda Rhimes confirmed that our collective dreams would be coming true in 2018. Though both Viola Davis and Kerry Washington had shared photos teasing the event on their social media pages, up until now the details surrounding the episodes have been unclear. Thankfully, Entertainment Weeklyshared an exclusive sneak peek photo from the highly anticipated episode that is sure to tide us over for a while until the event airs on March 1.



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