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Awesome job
Purchased this awesome t-shirt for my perfect brown niece, Maleia. The t-shirt came nicely packaged with a card and stickers - awesome job!
 Ruthie G.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

 Love it!
Tees are soft and comfy! Quick delivery time and nice packaging!
Onezia G.
Perfect Vision
The meaning, the quality and the professionalism PERFECT!
Tenisha E.
I absolutely LOVE my Perfect
I absolutely LOVE my Perfect Brown tee!! Every time I wear it, I receive so many compliments every time I wear it!!
Lakita T.
Very well fitted
Very comfortable and well fitted!
Brenda F. 
Terrific shirt!
I'm usually not one to wear logos or pix on my shirts, but i made an exception for this exceptional shirt. i absolutely love the story behind it and wish i had such a shirt growing up as a young girl of color. the words, "perfect brown since birth" are so right on and right now. the art is lovely, the cut is flattering and the shirt is soft. definitely five stars and more, shining bright in our diverse universe.
Lori R.
I Am Perfect Brown tee shirts are the best new product for African American girls and women of 2017 that I have seen. The 2 women that I gave shirts to were extremely pleased with the quality and, especially, message.
Duane C.
Perfectly Brown Shirt
Beautifully imagined and designed shirt that came packaged with flair. Looking forward to more products!
Christiana D.
Beautiful T-shirt
The shirt has excellent quality and fits well!! I love it!
Rachel N.

Perfect Brown Tees

The best quality. The best design. The best packaging. The best customer service. Simply the best. #inmybesttinaturnervoice

Cherry E.